Draculea WIP

This meant to only be a sketch to exercise sculpting the really nicely rendered shapes by Kevin Klee but I pushed the skin sculpting/surfacing a bit further to learn more about that process. I looked to learn how deep creases and crevasses should be and how that reacts to SSS, pores and wrinkle placement, and creating different skin looks with just a few custom brushes and alphas.

There's a lot of work left to be done: I'd change many things about how primary shapes interlock, deepen some creases and smooth others to add more variation in the secondary forms (to make him look less like his squishing his face in all directions when he's actually not doing anything), less equal distances between the eye wrinkles, removing one row of invented fat from the eye socket, adding proper groom, peach fuzz, eyebrows, eye lashes. But I decided to leave this as a test study and get on with something else.