Prehistoric Planet Modelling

It’s been such an honour to have worked on this awe inspiring show narrated by the legendary David Attenborough.

It was a pleasure dishing out dinosaur models a couple years back at MPC working side by side with Damien Guimoneau and Anthony Sieben supervised by Dan Zelcs.

More than the fact I was a dinosaur fan as a kid, it was a dream come true to pretend being a palaeontologist whilst reimagining the forms of a trex based on skeleton diagrams, giant dreadnoughts, triceratops, raptors and pterodactyls to name a few.

As always, the final product is the titanic accumulated effort of hundreds if not thousands of world class artists and scientists working on details, blendshapes, texturing, groom, lookdev, rigging, animation, effects, cinematography, script, narration, sound & music, compositing, supervising, and directing to name a few.
Also to me knowledge, all the dinos you see in this show are fully CG along with many environments.

Hope you’ll enjoy the show as much as I’m going to!